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Broad Law and Dollar Law
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Making our way back to the Megget Stane. Making our way back to the Megget Stane. Making our way back to the Megget Stane.
34 Now we can see the car parked by the roadside. It is quite a pleasant walk along this stretch of road as you can see and if you encounter a car it must be rush-hour traffic.
The picture below again shows the car (parked near the left edge of the picture) but it also shows the cairn we were at on page 06 and so you can see the early stages of the day's walk in profile. I have placed a red asterisk above my car and a blue one below the cairn
The explanation of why the car suddenly looks further away is that the bottom shot is wide angle whereas the one above it is telephoto. My camera says they were both taken at 4.22pm.
View of the early stages of the route as viewed from Megget Water valley.
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