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Broad Law and Dollar Law
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View of the Moffat Hills from near the top of Broad Law. View of the Moffat Hills from near the top of Broad Law. View of the Moffat Hills from near the top of Broad Law.

07 Approaching the top of Broad Law and again looking south to the Moffat Hills we can now see the long shape of White Coomb running from the centre of the picture towards the left and the characteristic double top of Saddle Yoke to the right of it. Lochcraig Head is in front of White Coomb. The fence is ever-present, of course.
In the first picture below we are still some distance from the top of Broad Law. We are looking NW with Tinto Hill right in the centre of the picture and Culter Fell darker, taller and just to the right in front of it. These hills will be on our left all the way as we head north to Dollar Law, but we will notice how Tinto Hill appears to move from left to right along behind the Culters as we go. Notice where it is in this picture in relation to the Culters and watch that relationship change as we progress towards Dollar Law. Mouseover the picture to see the names of the hills.
In the second picture below I have used a bit of zoom to pick out the Eildon Hills near Melrose on a ENE bearing from Broad Law. Here is a little quote from that web page link:-

Eildon is said to be a "hollow hill", and is mentioned in the legend of Thomas the Rhymer.
Some believe Thomas went under the hill itself, and certainly part of the ballad occurs in the vicinity.The volcanic rock was "said to have been cleft in three by the wizard Michael Scot when he was out of employment".

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