Capel Fell, Loch Fell and Croft Head Round

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View from the trig point on Loch Fell. View from the trig point on Loch Fell. View from the trig point on Loch Fell.
11 In the picture above we are at the trig point on Loch Fell. It's not as clear as I would have liked. You would see the Lake District hills from here on a clearer day. You can just see the Solway Firth and England beyond. Criffel is the sentinel looking out at the Solway just right of centre.
One time we were here in a snow storm and my pal Sandy left his new digital camera on top of that trig point. He had to go back for it from West Knowe though fortunately we had not started to descend - and when you see the pictures of the descent (on page13) you will understand why that was fortunate. It would be interesting to know how long the camera would have lain there before being found - weeks possibly - these hills are not much frequented.
In the second picture, using a bit of telephoto from the top of Loch Fell, we get the the now familiar view below into the Moffat Hills with Capel Fell on the right edge of the picture in the near distance. We will head NW from here along that fence (ie from right to left).
Coming out to a wider angle in the third picture this is what we get looking at the Moffat Hills again with Capel Fell (spreading itself from left to right across the picture from the centre) in the near distance.
View of the Moffat Hills from Loch Fell.
View of the Moffat Hills from Loch Fell - wide angle.
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