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Beninner, Cairnsmore of Carsphairn and Moorbrock
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Beninner from the Bow Burn Beninner from the Bow Burn Beninner from the Bow Burn

17 The picture above shows the Bow Burn where I crossed it with Beninner beyond. I was looking for a memorial in this area which I had heard about concerning a Spitfire called "Blue Peter" which crashed here on 23rd May 1942 and I made my way along the west side of the Bow Burn looking for this without any grid reference to help me find it. So my search was in vain. However I have since found out a website with a picture of the memorial which shows that it consists of a plaque on the side of a boulder in an area with many boulders. I will go back and look for it one of these days.

Ralph Davidson's account of how the wreckage of Blue Peter was found and recovered is quite fascinating and there are also pictures of the recovery of the Merlin engine, with pictures of what it looked like at the time of recovery - before it was restored. These latter pictures are shown on the The WW2 Aero Engine Historical Society website.

The picture below shows where I left the vehicle track to head up onto Moorbrock. You can see that there is a platform just where you leave the track. This will probably be for shooting deer from.
The third picture shows the view ahead onto Moorbrock.
In the fourth picture we are above the tree line looking back to the platform and across the Bow Burn to where I was looking for the Spitfire memorial.

Where to leave the vehicle track to go onto Moorbrock Hill.
View onto Moorbrock Hill as we leave the vehicle track
View from above the tree line on Moorbrock Hill back down the route we have come up from the vehicle track
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