Cairnkinna Round
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View of the Lowthers from Cairnkinnan View of the Lowthers from Cairnkinnan View of the Lowthers from Cairnkinnan
16 Here we have zoomed in on the Lowther Hills in a brief period when the mist lifted. The views are always particularly magical on a hill when they have been hidden by mist and then suddenly appear in all their jewel-like splendour. That's Lowther Hill itself with the white ball on top and Green Lowther to the left of it with more aircraft navigation stuff on top. The Dalveen Pass is in the cleft of the hills near the right edge of the picture. The Southern Upland Way passes over the top of Lowther Hill and at 725 m is the highest point on that coast to coast walk. Just NNW of Lowther hill is Wanlockhead, the highest village in Scotland at almost 1500 feet. The hill to the right of the cleft in the middle of the picture is called Steygail and it runs all the way over to the Dalveen. It is a particularly shapely hill close up, especially as you come down the Dalveen Pass where it is the big dominant beastie on your right.