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Almorness Point from Palnackie
Introduction to East Stewartry National Scenic Area - Map of walking routes in the area
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Leaving Palnackie for Glen Isle Leaving Palnackie for Glen Isle Leaving Palnackie for Glen Isle
02 Above is a view back into Palnackie as we head south-east out of the village.
A short distance up the hill out of the village brings you to a millenium park and the two pictures shown below are taken from there. The river that you see in these pictures is Water of Urr. It is tidal beyond Palnackie and there is a small harbour which can be seen near the left edge of the first picture below - as we look north up river. We are looking SE in the second picture below.
View of Urr Water by Palnackie.
View of Urr Water by Palnackie
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