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Walk around Monreith
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View of Monkey Puzzle Wood. View of Monkey Puzzle Wood. View of Monkey Puzzle Wood.
19 Above is Monkey Puzzle Wood as seen from the track we are on.
In the second picture you can see where we leave this track - which would take us back to Monreith House. We turn right here and make our way southwards across an open field - as shown in the third picture. You can see that Allan is studying the map carefully here and the reason for this is that on the ordnance survey map a track is shown crossing this field yet all that is left of that track now is the ruts left by a tractor crossing the field. There could be problems walking here if there was a crop in that field.
The fourth picture shows the view towards Fell of Barhullion that you get as you cross this field.
Turning right for south lodge.
Heading across the field to towards Blairbuie Bridge.
View of Fell of Barhullion from the path across the field towards Blairbuie Bridge.
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