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Walk around Monreith
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Arriving at Blairbuie Bridge. Arriving at Blairbuie Bridge. Arriving at Blairbuie Bridge.
20 In the picture above we are arriving at Blairbuie Bridge - which is on the left of the picture in front of the white building. Our route back to Monreith will take us over the bridge and down the track which runs past the left side of this house (as you can see it from here). However at the start of that track you will see a sign pointing straight ahead (rather that down the track) to the Wren's Egg and the standing stones which are beside it. So in fact we will cross the bridge and head straight on to see the Wren's Egg and then come back to this house by the bridge and then take the track to Monreith.
Below is the view across to the Wren's Egg (near the right edge of the picture in front of the trees). One small problem was that there were two black bulls that we had to pass between to get there - one lying down as you can see in the picture below and the other grazing (3rd picture). Allan headed off boldly and they took no notice of him even though he had a red T-shirt on. So I followed suit, reluctantly, and there was absolutely no problem - but you just never know and I certainly felt very exposed having to pass between two bulls with a long run to any place of safety.
View towards the Wren's Egg with a bull in the road.
The other bull in the road.
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