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Walk around Monreith
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The car park at Lag Point. The car park at Lag Point. The car park at Lag Point.
02 Above is a picture of the extensive car park near Point of Lag (Ordnance Survey ref. NX364394) from which we will start our day's walk. To get here you turn off the A747 just before you enter Monreith from the south east and take the single track road down past St Medan's golf course.
In the second picture we have just started to head back up this single track road and we are making for the white building that you see just to the right of Allan on the face of the hill where we will visit the remains of Kirkmaiden Church. The prominent cliff face in the middle of the picture is called Craigengour. There is a navigational aid for seafarers on the top of Craigengour and our route will take us past that. You can see Monreith across the bay above the cliffs on the left side of the picture.
In the third picture we are approaching the steps which take you up to Kirkmaiden Church.
View across Monreith Bay from near the car park at Lag Point.
Approaching the steps from the beach at Monreith Bay to the remains of Kirkmaiden Church.
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