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Walk around Monreith
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The graveyard beside Kirkmaiden Church. The graveyard beside Kirkmaiden Church. The graveyard beside Kirkmaiden Church.

03 In the pcture above we have entered the graveyard at Kirkmaiden Church, the entrance to which you can see on the left of the picture. The building to the right of the roofless remains of Kirkmaiden Church is a burial chapel for the Maxwell family. Just to the left of the arched entrance to Kirkmaiden Church you can see a plaque on the wall (by the left edge of the picture) to Francois Thurot who died in a sea battle off the Isle of Man in 1760.
In the second picture you can see the information shown on this plaque. The Swedish Order of Coldin is a Masonic Order.
The third picture gives a seaward view across the graveyard.
The fourth picture shows the entrance to the Maxwell burial chapel. "The slate-roofed mausoleum at the Eastern end of the structure, with its fine reproduction Norman archway of ferruginous sandstone, was erected in Late Victorian times. It accommodates the dead of the local lordly family, the Maxwells of Monreith. The last immuration was of the naturalist Sir Herbert Maxwell in 1937." Herbert Maxwell was the grandfather of Gavin Maxwell.

Plaque to Francois Thurot.
Seaward view across the graveyard at Kirkmaiden Church.
Entrance to the burial chapel of the Maxwells.
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