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Comb Law, Rodger Law, Ballencleuch Law and Scaw'd Law hill walking route
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View along the A702 as we return to Overfingland View along the A702 as we return to Overfingland View along the A702 as we return to Overfingland
29 Here we are approaching Overfingland along the A702. You can see the top of my car tucked in off the road on the left of the picture and between the car and the house you can see the way marker for the Southern Upland Way. It is now 3.50 pm and I left here at 9.30 am. Remember though that it is perhaps twice as tough to do this route in quite deep snow on such a day as this as it would be on a fine summer's day when the sheep have cropped the green grass carpet for you. Also, I spend a lot of time taking pictures - 241 of them today.
The picture below was taken as I was starting out in the morning and we are looking west along the A702 to Well Hill straight ahead. Scaw'd Law can be seen up through the valley to the left of Well Hill. The Roman road we travelled comes through that valley along the foot of Well Hill - from Durisdeer village on the other side of those hills.
View back along the A702 towrds
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