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Lousie Wood Law, White Law, Dun Law, Duncraig Law and Peden Head
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View of the Car park at Glenochar View of the Car park at Glenochar View of the Car park at Glenochar
02 The car park (shown above - OS Ref NS 954137) at Glenochar is for visitors to the "Glenochar Bastle and Fermtoun Trail" . Towards the right of the picture you can see the first of the many information boards on this trail and the gate at the right of the picture is where you start. There is a short web gallery on the bastle and fermtoun on this site or you can just look in the passing at a readable enlargement of the introductory information board which is in the above picture.
In the second picture we are making our way along the way-marked trail to the bastle house - which is located by the red asterisk. Once you have had a look at the bastle house you can then head up the hill on the right of the picture (Coupland Gair) to get to Lousie Wood Law, the first of our tops for the day. The hill with all the snow on it is Dun Law and the shoulder to the right of that in the picture is Kneesend.
Way-marked track to the Bastle House
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