Hill walk routes to climb in SW Scotland - also coastal paths and National Scenic Areas with maps, pictures and other useful information based on extensive local knowledge
Eschoncan, Bennan, Benyellary - returning by the Tourist Route from Merrick
A hill walking route over Eschoncan, Bennan, and Benyellary to Merrick then returning to Loch Trool by the "tourist route"

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Views of Culsharg bothy and it's surroundings Views of the north end of the Dungeon Hills and of the Rhinns of Kells. as seen from the top of the Merrick Views from Bennan, Benyellary and the Merrick of Knockdolian, the Antrim coast, Ailsa Craig and the Mull of Kintyre Benyellary, the Merrick and Buchan Hill as seen from Eschoncan Map of a hill walking route over Eschoncan, Bennan, and Benyellary to Merrick Where to park beside Bruce's Stone Glentrool with views of Eschoncan, the Glenhead valley, Bruce's Stone and Mulldonoch Views from Eschoncan of Bruce's Stone and the car parking area by Loch Trool Views from the top of Eschoncan Fell down over Loch Trool and up towards Bennan Looking north from the top of Bennan to Benyellary and east over Bennan's lochans towards Craignaw and the Rhinns of Kells The forest track that leads to Culsharg from between Eschoncan Fell and Bennan - a possible short walk from Glentrool - and a view southwards towards the Minnigaff Hills Arriving on the top of Bennan with it's radio mast and a view eastward to Craignaw and the Rhinns of Kells Rocks on the top of Bennan with interesting circular and oval holes Studies of strong gusting wind on the surface of the lochan between Bennan and Benyellary Heading north up Benyellary with the dry stane dyke for shelter against the wind and looking south back down the dyke towards Bennan On top of Benyellary looking northward over the Nieve of the Spit to the Merrick and looking eastward down the Buchan Burn towards Loch Trool and the Minnigaff Hills On the top of the Merrick looking northward into Ayrshire and along the line of the Awful Hand range Loch Enoch, the Dungeons, the Rhinns of Kells and beyond from the top of the Merrick Views down the Redstone Rig to Lochs, Enoch, Arron, Neldricken and Valley and pictures of the Grey Man of the Merrick showing where he is located Coming down off the Merrick towards the Nieve of the Spit with Benyellary beyond Finding the track of the tourist route down off Benyellary in order to return to Glentrool The rocky stage of the Merrick tourist route descending by the Buchan Burn towards Glentrool with the Minnigaff Hills beyond Loch Trool for background Arriving back at the car park by Bruce's Stone with Loch Trool for background