Craignaw and the Dungeon Hills

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Large Map of the Galloway Hills
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View heading up the valley of the Gairland Burn from Black Gairy View heading up the valley of the Gairland Burn from Black Gairy View heading up the valley of the Gairland Burn from Black Gairy
06 Now we have turned the shoulder of Black Gairy and have started heading up the valley of the Gairland Burn. The dark ridge coming across the picture from the right is the Rig of the Jarkness and we have in the past gone up over there to Craignaw. this picture was taken at 10.20 - 25 minutes into our walk. Just a minute or two after this I really twisted my right me badly by going into a hole that I had not seen as I took my eye off the very rough path for a second to look at a dragonfly that Allan had commented on. Over the years I have already torn ligaments on that knee twice and Allan thought our walk was over for the day, but I got to my feet as soon as the knee recovered from the initial shock and we headed onward. He had photographs to take for a local magazine of this walk, we had driven for an hour and a half to get here and it was a stunningly fine day for walking. How could I turn back. I have had plenty of derogatory things to say about walking poles but of late I have taken to carrying one on my pack for just such circumstances as this. I could not have kept walking for the next seven hours without it, though it must have been murder for Allan to be continually waiting for me to catch up with him. This is rough ground at the best of times but with a dodgy knee it was hard going and it took me a day to recover from it. I was always trying to protect that knee from any more punishment, travelling pretty slowly but continuously - believing it was better to keep going than hang around - and it worked.
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