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Rig of the Jarkness, Craiglee
and the Glenhead Lochs
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Boulders around a lochan near Craiglee Boulders around a lochan near Craiglee Boulders around a lochan near Craiglee
24 Head south again across the Jarkness from the Dow Loch and you come across this crowd sunning themselves around a wee lochan - like people on a beach keeping a discrete distance from each other. You can see they know a fine place where they can spread themselves around and then go down for a dip in the lochan when they feel the urge.
I used a long lense to catch the intimacy of the bathers in the first picture below - paparazzi style.
This area is terraced with little lochans in the flat areas of the terraces.
The third and fourth pictures are both of the same lochan viewed from opposite directions and of course at different times of the year. The fourth picture was taken on the day of the icicle vegetation that you saw on the previous page.
Bouders in the lochan near Craiglee
View of the lochan early summer
View of the same lochan winter
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