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North Manor Hills
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Where to park by the side of the A701 at Stanhope. Where to park by the side of the A701 at Stanhope. Where to park by the side of the A701 at Stanhope.

02 The picture above shows where I parked by the side of the A701 at Ordnance Survey reference NT114303 very close to the 221 metre mark on the Landranger Map. That's my car in the foreground. Beside the other car heading into the distance you can see a sign by the roadside which reads "Stanhope Private Road". In spite of the "private road" business I took my car down there to see if I could park out of the way somewhere and off the main highway - you can't so don't bother trying.
My route would take me up Craig Head on the right of the picture to start with and I would come down over the dark domed top of Drumelzier Law which you see beyond it, and end up by descending from the ridge near the house with the trees beside it that you see left of centre below below Dulyard Brae.
But first I had to get from where I was parked past the "private" stuff and onto the freedom of the hill and even though we have the "right to roam" in Scottish law I was still uneasy that for the first time I might get some grief here getting past the environs of Stanhope House. These fears proved to be unfounded on this occasion.

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