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Around Ettrick Head - Capel Fell, Wind Fell and Ettrick Pen in Winter
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White Shank and the Moffat Hills from Ettrick Pen. White Shank and the Moffat Hills from Ettrick Pen White Shank and the Moffat Hills from Ettrick Pen
29 Leaving the top we do not follow the fence line any longer - though this that you see here is not the county boundary fence any more anyway. This is the one you saw branching off it and heading NW on page 28 at the cairn. You take a line just north of west from the top and as mentioned earlier this corresponded with the top of White Shank - which you see near the left side of the second picture.
You can see the whole ridge from Bodesbeck to Capel Fell in the third picture. Fauldside Hill is quite visible to the left of Bodesbeck - so it is the hill to the left of that again that we are taking our bearing on.
White Shank, Fauldside Hill and Bodesbeck Law from Ettrick Pen with the Moffat Hills beyond
The Capel Fell/Smidhope/White Shank/ ridge with the Moffat Hills beyond.
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