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Culter Fell Round
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Coulter reservoir from Culter Fell. Coulter reservoir from Culter Fell. Coulter reservoir from Culter Fell.
13 Here is one of the pictures that looks distinctly weird. I was shooting SW and therefore straight into the light but I did want this shot over Coulter Reservoir. Notice the different spelling from that of "Culter" Fell. There is a village called Coulter as well nearby but the hill has a different spelling on the Ordnance Survey map from either the village or the reservoir. We are looking SW from the top of Culter Fell in the above picture past Coulter Reservoir, passed Camps Reservoir and right over to Lowther Hill in the distance near the right edge of the picture. It is easily recogniseable with the civil airlines communications ball on top which you cannot see here but which I was able to zoom in on in Photoshop for confirmation that this hill was Lowther.
Sandy took the first picture below of me taking the above picture. I have worked hard on that image too to get some detail into it.
The third picture shows Sandy beginning the line of our descent which is almost due south from Culter. If you mouseover the image the names of the hills that you can see will appear, and the blue dashes show the line I took back down into the Holms Water valley from Glenlood near the end of the route.
Coulter reservoir from Culter Fell..
Heading south from the top of Culter Fell.
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