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Lochcraig Head from Megget Stane
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View down Megget Water towards the Megget reservoir. View down Megget Water towards the Megget reservoir. View down Megget Water towards the Megget reservoir.
05 I was no sooner under way than I was caught in the first of the rain squalls that would catch me during the day. In the picture above you can see the squall has passed beyond me and is heading over the Megget Reservoir. That is the valley of Megget Water that we are looking down. It originates over in the Manor Hills on the other side of the valley with the charming name Murk Gutter. They go in for great names around here. Drowning Dubs is a hill just east of Dead for Cauld. "Dubs" is the Scots word for mud. "Gutter" has much the same meaning and "Murk" means dark. "Cauld" means cold
With visibility improved below, we can see Meggethead farm at the foot of Craig Head. Cramalt Craig is the big boy to the left of the picture. A week before doing the present walk I came down from Cramalt by the green ridge that you see running downwards to Craig Head from left to right across the picture, then down the stony face that you see on the end of Craig Head to Meggethead farm. You can see that on the Broad Law walk. For a view back from Craig Head up the Megget Water valley and over to Nickies Knowe click here - this will take you to the relevant page on Broad Law walk.
View of Meggethead Farm, Craig Head and Cramalt Craig from Nickie's Knowe.
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