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Broad Law and Dollar Law
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View of Tinto Hill and the Culters. View of Tinto Hill and the Culters. View of Tinto Hill and the Culters.

23 One last look at the Tinto/Culters shuffling past each other and trying to get back to how we first found them. It is interesting that from this set of pictures you can tell where you are on the ridge from Broad to Dollar Law by where Tinto sits in relationship to the Culters. This is what the trig points on the tops of hills are all about - studying the relationship of landscape features one with another, and another, and another right across the country. The sheep are not impressed with all that clever stuff. But it is the sheep of course who keep these hills so well cropped and easy to walk on.
Below we can see the Durisdeer Hills looking south west from Cramalt. That's Queensberry to the left end of the ridge of hills.

Queensberry and the Durisdeer Hills from Cramalt Craig
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