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Broad Law and Dollar Law
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View of Broad Law from Cramalt Craig. View of Broad Law from Cramalt Craig. View of Broad Law from Cramalt Craig.

13 As we approach the top of Cramalt and look back towards Broad Law this is the view we get - above.
The top of Cramalt Craig is nothing special either as you can see below - a bend in the fence for a bit of excitement and a cairn for shelter on a bleak flat top.
Looking back to Broad Law from the cairn, as in the second picture below, we find that it has disappeared in mist. The Devil's Beef Tub had been totally misted out as I came past in on my way from Dumfries, but I have long since learned that there is more than the memories of rievers stolen cattle hiding there - the Beef Tub seems to catch any bad weather that is going - then as soon as you pass it and start heading east by the banks of the infant River Tweed the weather often clears. It did so again today but it was never a fine day and I could have counted the amount of sunshine in a few minutes out of the six and a half hour day I had in the hills - hence the not very inspiring pictures.

Cairn at the top of Cramalt Craig.
Cairn at the top of Cramalt Craig.
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