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Broad Law and Dollar Law
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Drumelzier Law from Broad Law. Drumelzier Law from Broad Law. Drumelzier Law from Broad Law.
09 From the top of Broad Law we begin to get views in a northerly direction. The domed dark hill just left of the centre of the picture is Drumelzier Law but we will soon look at these hills in more detail in the following pages.
Checking on the relationship between Tinto Hill and the Culters from the top of Broad Law, we now find Tinto to the right of Culter Fell as in the first picture below.
The second picture below shows way-markers for a route that I have never noticed before and directing you NW from Broad Law down towards Stanhope where there is a farm called Patervan.
Tinto Hill and the Culters
Patervan Pathway.
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