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Walk to Hestan Island from Balcary Bay
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Where to park near the fishermen's hut in Balcary Bay. Where to park near the fishermen's hut in Balcary Bay. Where to park near the fishermen's hut in Balcary Bay.

02 In the picture above you can see where I parked (O.S.ref. NX819500) by the side of the single track road that goes down to Balcary Bay from Auchencairn. You will find this road just as you enter Auchencairn from the east on the A711. The car is facing towards Auchencairn and the sea is on the right. The track down to the shore is opposite the house. There is really only room for one car here if you tuck it well back out of the road of the gateway. Near Balcary Bay Hotel you will find quite a large parking area which is shown shown by a red asterisk on the map on page 01.
The track from the road gives access to the water as you can see in the picture below. You can also see the stake nets and (on the left edge of the picture) the fishermen working at them. Notice the tower on the headland in the centre of the picture. Because I had to wait an hour before I could head for Hestan Island I took a wander round there to put in a bit of time.
Swinging the camera a bit further to the right in the third picture we are now looking across Balcary Bay to the hotel.

Access down into Balcary Bay for launching boats etc.
View across Balcary Bay towards Balcary Bay Hotel. - almost low tide.
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