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Almorness Point from Palnackie
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Hestan Island from Almorness Point Hestan Island from Almorness Point Hestan Island from Almorness Point

19 Just off Almorness Point is Hestan Island which you see above. In a swashbuckling novel about smuggling called "The Raiders" by Samuel Crocket this island and the on-shore area around are the main location for much of the story - though the island is called Rathan in the story.
In the first picture below, taken on quite a different day obvoiusly, you can see how the bay dries out at low tide and offers a causeway out to the island. Just above Sandy's head you can see a figure walking across the bay. There is a web gallery on this website describing such a walk across Balcary Bay. You might think that it would be an easy walk from Almorness Point but there is a fresh water channel running just of-shore between Almorness and Hestan
The third and fourth pictures on this page show the view from Almorness over to the Lake District in the north of England. In the fourth picture I have pushed the image in Photoshop to reveal more of the detail of the hills. The big boy is Skidaw (3054 metres high and 30 miles away as the crow flies).

Hestan Island from Almorness Point
Lake District from Almorness Popint
Lake District from Almorness Popint
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