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Walk around Monreith
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Information board near Monreith House. Information board near Monreith House. Information board near Monreith House.
17 As you get to the south end of White Loch of Myrton, and near to Monreith House, there is an information board which shows walks you can do within the estate.
The second picture shows the details on this board. We will head south, on the road which you can see passing to the west of Monreith House and once past it we will take the first track to the left, towards what is shown as "Monkey Puzzle Wood" - the dark semi-circular shape right on the bottom edge of the map.
The third picture is the view you get of Monreith House from this information board.
In the fourth picture we are leaving the tarred road and going onto the track towards Monkey Puzzle Wood.
Information board near Monreith House.
Monreith House from the information board nearby.
Turning left at the junction south of Monreith House.
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