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Around Mulberry Harbour Remains Garlieston
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Fishing boat close in on Cruggleton Castle Fishing boat close in on Cruggleton Castle Fishing boat close in on Cruggleton Castle
25 While we were at the castle a wee fishing boat was quietly working close in-shore, a grasshopper arrived on the wall and we had a look at some more wild flowers - and the world felt a really gentle place to be about in - in spite of all the violence this place has seen.
The wild flower is Wild Carrot which is discussed at greater length on page 26. The plant that you see here is at an earlier stage of the flowering process than those on page 26, ie. before the white flowers open up. The flower head on the top right of this picture here is almost ready to turn white but the other heads in the picture have not reached that stage. Comparing the pictures on these two pages taken within a minute or so of each other on the same day shows the complex stages of the development of the flower head on plants of the same type that are no more than 3 metres distant from each other.
It is interesting to note that the small part of the castle which is still visible (the arch) is where the kitchen was at one time and that you should also happen to have wild carrot growing there. It makes you wonder if there could there be a connection or is it just serendipity at work.
Grasshopper at Cruggleton Castle
Some wild carrot growing at Cruggleton Castle
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