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The Lochs route onto Merrick (Page Two)
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Loch Enoch  and Mulwharchar Cooling off in Loch Enoch
The picture above shows Loch Enoch and Mullwharchar beyond it as you first see it on this route via the lochs. A welcome cool-off in Loch Enoch. Even in the summer you will find it pretty cold.
The Loch Enoch plays an important part in Samuel Crocket's book "The Raiders" (first published 1894) where the semi-fictional story turns on events which take place here and around the Wolf Slock.
1000ft to go up the Red stone Rig from Loch Enoch The darker ridge is Redstone Rig - as viewed from Benyellary
Heading up Redstone Rig from Loch Enoch to Merrick with over a thousand feet to the summit, but it's not particularly steep - a steady climb. Looking Back to Merrick from Benyellary. Redstone Rig is the second shoulder in (the dark one). The nearer ridge is called Rig of the Gloom.
Looking down on Loch Enoch from the top of the Redstone Rig with the Dungeon hills and the Rhinns of Kells behind
Looking back down the Redstone Rig towards Loch Enoch. Mouseover for hill names.
Coming down the tourist route from Merrick via Benyellary with the Minnigaff hills in the distance The lower part of the route follows the picturesque Buchan Burn
Descending from Benyellary towards the Buchan Burn, with the Minnigaff hills on the skyline. Coming down the side of the Buchan Burn, and below is a shot from the Rig of the Jarkness showing the final stage of the walk back to Loch Trool.
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