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North Manor Hills
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View of Trahenna Hill from Drumelzier. View of Trahenna Hill from Drumelzier. View of Trahenna Hill from Drumelzier.
30 As I came down off Drumelzier I got this view over to Trahenna Hill. Drumelzier village is down among the trees near the bottom left corner of the picture. Merlin the magician of Arthurian legend is said to be buried near the meeting of the Powsail Burn with the Tweed near Drumelzier.
These hills are grouse moors and probably it would not be wise to come hereabouts after the 12th August when the shooting season starts. A couple of times I disturbed a mother grouse with chicks. The mother makes a great fuss of trying to make it look as though she is injured to attract your attention away from the chick as in the first picture below which is really just a blur of her feathers as she is in the middle of her act of deception.
Of course where she rises tells you where the chick is but even so they are hard to see hiding in the heather even when you know where to look - as in the bottom picture. They know not to make a sound. I felt privileged to just catch a glimpse of this little domestic scene for a moment and move on quickly to let them get on with their lives. This is the only shooting of them that I am ever likely to do.
Mother Grouse pretending to be injured.
Well disguised grouse chick.
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