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North Manor Hills
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Tormentil. Tormentil. Tormentil.
28 I am no expert on wild flowers but I believe this is called tormentil. This little fellow is shown here considerably larger than life - he is about one centimeter across in real life and you can see some of his pals in the picture below. You come across plenty of these in the hills hugging close to the ground.
I had begun to think that today's walk had a distinctly stoney theme about it with the many slabs of stone on top of Pykestone Hill, the wall to nowhere below it, and then the amazing white cairn on Glenstivon Dod, so I have included this field of lichen-covered stone from near the top of Drumelzier Law just to show that it too has it's stones.
Field of lichen-covered stone from near the top of Drumelzier Law.
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