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North Manor Hills
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Masses of cloudberry on Glenstivon Dod. Masses of cloudberry on Glenstivon Dod. Masses of cloudberry on Glenstivon Dod.
23 Once I passed round the head of Drumelzier Burn glen and was heading diagonally across the face of the hill and up onto the crest of Glenstivon Dod the hillside was simply a mass of what I thought were wild strawberries. The picture above is just a small section of that mass, and in the first picture below I have zoomed in for a closer look - though the shot is into the light and the quality is not that great. Three weeks later I was again in these Manor Hills and by that time these plants were in fruit and I could see that the fruit is not that of the strawberry. It is in fact a cloudberry, and I have added a picture below of the plant in fruit.
Cloudberry on Glenstivon Dod.
Cloudberry in fruit Broad Law.
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