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View towards Tibbie Shiels Inn from the James Hogg monument. View towards Tibbie Shiels Inn from the James Hogg monument. View towards Tibbie Shiels Inn from the James Hogg monument.
26 This is the view that James Hogg statue looks over to every minute of the day, to the pub he used to frequent - I wonder if he still has a drouth and this is like a Chinese torture for him - always just this far from his favourite pub and no further.
In checking references on the web about Tibbie Shiels I found her mentioned in the "New York Times" which gives a copy of an article which they printed on 12th August 1878. This date of the 12th August is known each year as "The Glorious Twelfth" because it is on that day each year that the shooting season starts and it would have been the busiest time of the year for Tibbie. The "New York Times" had taken their piece from the Edinburgh "Scotsman" newspaper of 29th July 1878 like an obituary to her. Tibbie died at the age of 96. It makes fascinating reading and shows the link between James Hogg and Tibbie Shiels and also tells of his patronage of the Inn. It is amazing that the hostess of such a remote inn should have an obituary in the "Scotsman" and that it should then find it's way into the "New York Times" and is now still to be found on their website as I write this on 25th June 2008 - 230 years later.
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