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Around St Mary's Loch
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Information boards inside Dryhope Tower. Information boards inside Dryhope Tower. Information boards inside Dryhope Tower.
05 In the picture above we are in the ground floor of the tower. You can see on the back wall where the domed vaulting was at this level. To see what is on these boards that Allan is studying click here.
Here is a link to information about Smailholm Tower near Kelso which is in the care of Historic Scotland. It is a peel tower like Dryhope but it is in a better state of repair than Dryhope and so would give you a better impression of what the interior of such a tower would have been like. It contains an award winning permanent exhibition of tableaux dealing with both Sir Walter Scott and the Border Ballads. These are laid out on the three upper floors of the building and there is an hour-long personal audio facility free of charge which accompanies the exhibition providing both information and the music of the ballads.
The first picture below shows the new stairway going up to the top level and some of the reinforcing that has been done to the building.
The third picture shows the stalactites coming down from beneath that 4th level floor - ceiling of what was once the third floor in other words.
New stairway inside Dryhope Tower.
Stalactites coming down from beneath the 4th floor level.
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