Swatte Fell, Hartfell and Hartfell Spa
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View inside Hartfell Spa. View inside Hartfell Spa. View inside Hartfell Spa.

13 Here is what it looks like inside the little grotto of the spa. Sandy is taking a picture of a peculiar plaque set into the roof of the grotto. which you can see on page 14. As with the Brow Well near Ruthwell Dumfriesshire where Scotland's national poet Robert Burns "took the waters" in the 18th century, nowadays you would not be in the least tempted to put this water anywhere near your mouth. Robert Burns did not survive long after imbibing from the Brow Well. There is a little pool down near the fern at the bottom left hand corner of this picture where the water is much clearer and maybe just possibly drinkable, but the rest of the floor was covered in thick brown oozie mud that stuck to the boots. Notice Sandy's fancy waterproof breeks (trousers) which have slits on the side that you can open for ventilation.

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