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Lochcraig Head from Megget Stane
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Nickie's Knowe from the top of Talla East Side. Nickie's Knowe from the top of Talla East Side. Nickie's Knowe from the top of Talla East Side.
16 But I don't stay with the fence because I always like to get the views from both sides of whatever ridge I am walking on if possible and I therefore tend to drift from one side to another. In these pictures we are now on west side of the top of Talla East Side. In the picture above we are looking back to Nickies Knowe and the top of Broad Law has now disappeared into cloud. The valley of Talla Water lies down to the left in this picture.
The second picture was taken from the same spot though the camera has moved to the left slightly and the hill in the foreground is Carlavin hill which is on the other side of the Talla Water Valley and which we will be on later in our walk. The right hand side of the second picture could be made to join the right hand side of the first picture as you can see in the third picture. The squall that you can see coming in from the west over Carlavin got to me before I was at the top of Lochcraig Head.
View of Carlavin Hill from Talla East Side.
Joinup of above pictures.
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