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Bodesbeck Ridge
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View of Birkhill cottage by the A708. View of Birkhill cottage by the A708. View of Birkhill cottage by the A708.
03 The house in the foreground is called Birkhill. There is a sign just beyond the furthest building saying that there is a footpath onto the hill from there. This would take you up onto Herman Law but it is not so scenic up there so I come just past this side of Birkhill house and take the prominent rough vehicle track which runs diagonally up the hill onto Trowgrain Middle. My car is parked just beyond the trees near the right top corner of the picture. Below you can see this same view just after 4pm as I returned to the car. Because of the SW to NE orientation of the ridge the light changes dramatically in the course of the day as you can see.
View of Birkhill cottage by the A708.
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