View of route  to get to Bengairn from Screel
16. This is the dyke we follow as we head up the hill towards Bengairn. This dyke is interesting because it has a burn running underneath it which you cannot see from either side of the dyke - though you can certainly hear it gurgling it's way down the hill. Dykes are of course very useful as navigational aids in poor visibility. If you decide to head back to Screel after having been on Bengairn, you head north at first off Bengairn towards the prominent hill you can see above the trees in this picture. The east end of Screel lies WNW of Bengairn so if you were to head directly towards it you would be heading in the wrong direction into the trees of Mid Hill which would not be a lot of fun.

This dyke will meet another dyke at right angles and you will follow that one up to the right, cross it at any part where the stones are down and head away from it up to Bengairn.

Sorry about all this dyke business but you could be glad of them in poor visibility as I said. So to summarize the dyke story for those heading back to Screel in poor visibility:- descend to the north from Bengairn till you come to a dyke crossing your path, cross it and follow it down hill till it meets another dyke at right angles (this is the dyke with the burn under it above). Follow that dyke down the hill crossing it when you get a chance. This will take you to a further junction of dykes where you will take the dyke to the right all the way back over to where you descended from Screel into the trees - the wet route.