View towards Bengairn from the cairn at the west end of Screel ridge

10 This picture was taken in 2006. These trees were felled 2010/2011.

Here we have gone past the cairn at the west end of the Screel ridge and are ready to descend from the ridge. If you are going to take the green and black route back down the forest road to the car you will find a rough path going to your left at the bottom of this first wee sharp descent. This rough path takes you through a felled area and then onto the forest road. Since the trees were felled you now get good views over Auchencairn Bay as you come down this forest track

My description of the old route through these trees is as follows
If you are going on to Bengairn, which you can see at the top of the picture, you will have to go up through these tree - this is the awkward bit I mentioned in Page 01. You can either follow the dyke and risk getting you feet wet (following the dark line up through the trees). Or you can keep to the right over the bare patch you can see to the right of the picture, on the heather. We will take to the heather.

Since the trees were felled you can follow the vehicle tracks up and over Mid Hill.