View of car park at Castle Corner Caerlaverock with Criffel and Knockendoch in the distance

01 This is the car park at Castle Corner where the road coming downriver from Dumfries and Glencaple turns inland to go towards Caerlaverock. We are on the east bank of the River Nith here looking across the river towards Criffel and Knockendoch. Walking from here to the castle is about a half hour saunter along a very reasonable path.

On page 09 a description is given of how the present walk can be extended so that you have the option of visiting the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust or perhaps just having a break in the tearoom there.

This web gallery was put together in 2006. Then in the winter of 2009/10 the trees in the wood were badly damaged in storms and the path through it was closed to walkers because of the risk of trees falling on them. Subsequently many trees were felled and for a time the wood looked like a World War One battlefield and it seemed like a real disaster at the time. Some planting was done after this and the path through the wood was greatly improved, presumably to gain access for the planting. In fact there are two paths now through what was the worst affected area and the path nearest the merse now offers views across the Nith where there were none before. As of 2012 the regeneration of the wood is well under way.