View from the car park at Castle Corner towards where we enter Castle Wood

02 Looking the other way we get this view as we enter the woods. There are several picnic benches around here and this used to be a popular place for people with camper vans to park overnight. Unfortunately in 2011 Scottish Natural Heritage inexplicably chose to put up a barrier which allows cars in but prevents camper vans from entering the car park. This, I and most of my friends locally greatly regret. As regular visitors we never saw any evidence of any problem created by the camper van folk and it was good to chat to these visitors from many countries. I have even seen a car driver with bikes on the top of his car wedged under the barrier having failed to register that the barrier was there and/or that he had bikes on top of his car. It just seems so counter productive and mean spirited to turn away people who have come to enjoy what Scotland's "natural heritage" has to offer in the Caerlaverock area.

There are information boards here and elsewhere along the route. Three of these are shown in the following images.