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Cairnharrow Round
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View out over the Solway Firth to the Isle of Man View out over the Solway Firth to the Isle of Man View out over the Solway Firth to the Isle of Man

07 That is the Isle of Man out there in the distance. The darker land on the right is the part of the Wigtown peninsula down by Isle of Whithorn.
, further round the coast, was the "Cradle of Christianity" in Scotland. Ninian was here a full century before Columba arrived on Iona. The area was probably Christianised before Ninian's time since Ninian's mission was to the Picts rather than the peoples of Galloway. Brythonic, the P-Celtic language spoken by these peoples was more akin to the modern Welsh form of Gaelic than the Q-Celtic Scots/Irish form spoken by the Scotti of Dalriada and which is still spoken particularly in the Western Isles of Scotland. The Isle of Man had its own special part to play over the centuries in the flow of peoples between the Scottish, Irish, Welsh and Cumbrian Celts, and the Vikings. Manx, the Celtic language of the Isle of Man is a Q-Celtic form.
There is a web gallery on this site of a walk from St Ninian's Cave to the Isle of Whithorn and back.